We reach over a million Hispanics daily that are enjoying quality content and award-winning journalism from trusted and longstanding News and Lifestyle brands.

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We reach over a million Hispanics daily that are enjoying quality content
and award-winning journalism from trusted and longstanding
News and Lifestyle brands.

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La Opinión

La Opinion reaches over 20 million readers monthly worldwide through its digital platform and is also the most-read print newspaper in Spanish in the United States.
It was founded in 1926 in Los Angeles to provide daily news and information to a growing Hispanic population. Its audience is active, involved, and engaged. In 2019 it received the “Primero Award as Outstanding Hispanic Daily” by the National Association of Hispanic Publications. The NAHP also recognized LaOpinion.com with a Silver Award for Outstanding Publication Website. In 2006, our accomplishments were recognized with the “José Ortega y Gasset Award” by Spain’s prestigious newspaper, El País.

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El Diario

El Diario NY reaches more than 8 million readers monthly worldwide across digital and print. Founded in 1913, it is the longest publishing Spanish-language daily newspaper in the United States. Since its inception as a small publication in Lower Manhattan named La Prensa, the newspaper has grown into one of the nation’s largest and most influential Latino media outlets. In 1963, it merged with El Diario de Nueva York, forming El Diario/La Prensa, as it was known for decades. Keeping up with the new century, the newspaper is now a state-of-the-art multimedia operation that includes print, digital, and other platforms.
In 2019, El Diario’s website, ElDiarioNY.com, was recognized with a Gold Award for Outstanding Publication Website by the National Association of Hispanic Publications. In 2020, it was chosen as the best print Hispanic Daily.

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La Raza

Hispanics turn to La Raza as the most respected Spanish-language information source in Chicago.
Founded in 1970, La Raza has been in the market for five decades providing Chicago Latinos with the best source of information on local, national and international news. It is the #1 Spanish language publication in Chicago and has the highest readership among Hispanic publications in the Chicagoland area. It prides itself in being the ultimate source for information and cultural connection for Chicago Hispanics. La Raza was selected in 2015 as one of the “10 Newspapers That Do It Right” by Editor & Publisher. In 2019 it received a Bronze Award for Outstanding Spanish Language Weekly Newspaper by the National Association of Hispanic Publications.

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Solo Dinero

Solo Dinero makes personal finance easy to understand for the Spanish-speaking Latino community in the United States to make the right money decisions, whatever the financial goal may be. It’s the only personal finance website in Spanish that is based in the United States.

We are home to experts and professional writers who provide clear, actionable money advice on managing your money through transparent reporting, using reliable sources, and an accessible language.

The straightforward approach applies to everything we do. Whatever your goal is: opening a bank account, looking to invest or to start a business, buy a home, save for retirement, filing paperwork at the Department of Social Security, filing your taxes, or achieve another financial goal, we are here to answer your questions.

Siempre Auto

Siempre Auto offers specialized information about cars in the American market in Spanish. Our content seeks to help readers to make the best decisions regarding their mobility needs.

The straightforward approach applies to everything we do. Whatever your goal is: buying or selling a car, looking to invest in new technology for your vehicle, doing some maintenance work, or staying updated with the news in the automotive industry, we are here to answer your questions.


Food is key to Hispanics’ culture and sense of identity. Comedera’s goal is to encourage everyone to cook at home by using clear and simple recipes, all of which have been tested and tried many times.
Comedera started as a blog in 2012 and grew to become one of the best known and reputed recipes websites in Spanish, fueled by passionate writers willing to share their secrets. In 2020 it was acquired by Impremedia.

La Vibra

La Vibra offers a vibrant and fun take on pop culture and celebrity news that matters to the US-Hispanic audience.
A fun and innovative approach applies to everything we do at La Vibra: breaking news, exclusive celebrity coverage, in-depth articles on streaming and linear TV, scoops, and highlights on what’s vibrating in social media… La Vibra is the unapologetic but accurate Entertainment site that the Latino community in the United States that speaks Spanish deserves.

Estar Mejor

Estar Mejor is the only wellness website in Spanish aimed at serving the specific needs of the Hispanic audience in the United States. 
We believe that wellness is for everybody, especially for underserved communities that need it the most.
Our content focuses on three pillars: how you can improve your relationship with others (Family, Friends and Relationships), with your surroundings (Home, Work and Environment) and with yourself (Mind, Body and Soul).

No Muy Caro

No Muy Caro has a clear mission: help the US Hispanic population to buy the best stuff at the best price. To accomplish this mission, we review products and find the best deals for the price-conscious shopper. We are the only review website with the focus of serving the Spanish-speaking population of the United States. 

Bien Bonita

Latinas have always had very unique beauty standards that have been transmitted through generations. And we want to empower that. We aim to help every woman to be the best version of themselves. We celebrate imperfections and always attempt to be real and relatable. Bien Bonita is the only beauty website focused on serving the growing Spanish-speaking population of Latinas in the United States.


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